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Hey! I'm Eman

When Iโ€™m not binging podcasts or pizza (pleaaase donโ€™t tell my PT!)…

I help 6+ figure online business owners and ecommerce brands fire up their conversions, evergreen their sales and turn fans into superfans, by crafting data-driven, personality-packed email strategy and copy.

Forgive me.

Iโ€™m about to do something us Brits never do (… as in, itโ€™s so bad itโ€™s basically unconstitutional).

Iโ€™m gonna toot my own horn and tell you straight up… I write great emails. (Toot toot!)

The kind of emails that make your audience laugh, cry, think, start up a conversation with you, and run to get their credit card details in a race to hit your buy button before anyone else…

… emails that generate revenue, nurture relationships and create repeat custom for your growing business.

Emails that get responses like…