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Skip my waitlist and get your high-converting copy in just 7 days


Get copy that converts - fast (…without sacrificing quality, strategy or sales)

So you’ve checked me out and you’re 99.9% certain you want to hire me to write copy that’ll power your conversions and turn your fans into Superfans. But the 6-8 week wait time made you choke on your steaming mug of English Breakfast. (😱 You okay?)

I get it.

There’s a time and a place for in-depth, month long copywriting projects. But now is not that time. Right now, the soundtrack of your life is a tick, tick, ticking timer. Time is the one thing that isn’t on your side and you’ve not got long till you’re bang out of it.

You need me to write your copy FAST so you can get your offer out into the world ASAP. So your offer can reach those who need it most, and so you can start seeing those sales figures soar. Lucky for you, I’ve got a service that’ll slow your racing heart and help you hit that deadline.

Book a VIP Week so you can cut the queue and fly straight to the front

The VIP Week is a fast-track copywriting service for business owners on a deadline.

For one whole week, I’m all yours. Instead of waiting two months for me to deliver your copy (the standard length of a custom project), you’ll wait just 7 days.

The best thing about this process is that you get the email sequence you need fast, without having to sacrifice quality or conversions. (Just ask ecommerce business owner Sophie. After hiring me for a VIP Week, her welcome sequence made over £15,000 in just 3 months). 

Whether you’re a product business owner, a coach, a membership maker, course creator, author or podcaster, the VIP Week is the most efficient way to get your email sequence up and running without you actually having to do the hard work.

Wanna know what you can get?

In one week, I can research, strategise and then write either…

  • A welcome sequence that turns your subscribers into loyal Superfans and has the potential to generate up to 320% more revenue for your business
  • An email campaign that’s perfect for any special holiday or sales campaign. Think: Black Friday/Cyber Monday and quick cash injections
  • A post-purchase sequence that takes your customers’ experience to the next level, automatically collects glowing reviews, and leaves your customers needing to come back for more
  • An onboarding sequence that welcomes and onboards new students to your course, or new members to your membership. This allows you to provide exceptional customer service, increase engagement rates, and reduce churn and refund requests.
  • A webinar invite & show-up sequence. Hosting a live event? This sequence will catapult your attendance rate and maximise your chances of having a great launch
  • Email Strategy. Let me map out your entire email strategy so you know exactly what email sequence you need and what needs to go in each email so you ramp up your sales via email marketing. (No copy involved, strategy only).

Got something else you’d like me to work on? Let me know.

“Since Eman helped me shift my course from live launch to evergreen, the sales page and sales emails she wrote have generated £1.2 million so far — and I’m still using them.

Her copy is the gift that keeps on giving, and it’s freed me up to spend my time where it should be: making my programme great and putting my energy into my coaching calls and my work with clients.”

— Samara Michael, Amazon FBA Coach

“Eman does a really slick job with customer experience. If I’m super honest, it’s rare to find somebody whose processes are so slick and where communication is so on point. I was never thinking, “Where are we at?” or “What’s happening?” or “What’s going on?”

I know a lot of people who’ve been burnt by copywriters in terms of their work coming back and being really disappointing. They’ve had to rewrite everything. I’ve seen that happen so many times and I don’t actually know anyone who’s had a really great copywriting experience. 

But Eman is a STAR. I bloody LOVE the email sequence she wrote for me! It ROCKS. 

Working with her has just been such a good process for me. I’m more than happy to keep working with her and I’ll be recommending her to my business friends.”

– Cori Javid, Money Mindset Expert, Success Coach & Podcaster

“I booked a VIP Week with Eman because I have a negotiation course and I really really needed a lot of help in conveying how good the course is in writing, so I could convince people to buy it.

I really loved working with her for two reasons: firstly, she asked a lot of questions about me and what drove me to produce this course. She really delved into who this course is for and what the potential course takers are feeling.

Secondly, I loved the speedy service. It was smooth and efficient from start to finish and I really appreciated that she got things done so quickly with zero time wasting.

And oh my God, when I read that first draft…I was racing to get to the end because I was thinking: “I need to buy *my own* course!!” I was amazed at how persuasive it was and how it captured just how good my course is. I felt so so blown away by what Eman produced for me.” 

– Michelle Gyimah, Negotiation Coach at Equality Pays

“I hired Eman to write an evergreen sales sequence for my membership. I actually had a little cry when I read it for the first time.

I’ve put so much effort into my membership but I still can’t quite articulate why it’s so useful to members. So seeing the way Eman pulled everything together like this in one place with all of the member testimonials made me quite emotional. And I haven’t even really got into the nitty gritty!  

Thank you, Eman. I knew the email sequence was going to be amazing and it really is. I mean, why would anyone NOT sign up?!”

– Catherine Erdly, The Resilient Retail Club

Interested? Here’s how it works

Book Your VIP Week

Once we've had a quick chat and you're ready to book your VIP Week, all you have to do is sign your contract, make the payment, and pick your preferred start date so we can reserve your project in my calendar.

Let’s Prep

Now it’s official, it’s time for us to do some prep work. I’ll send you a briefing questionnaire to complete ahead of our week together. Then, we’ll have a 60-minute briefing call. This is where you get deep and tell me the ins and outs of you, your business and your offer, so I can write high-converting copy that sounds just like you (but better) ;)

The Big Day

When your VIP Week begins, you just need to kick back and relax. Meanwhile, I’ll be working my magic, writing conversion copy that’ll set your business up for even more success. I’ll check in with you periodically so you’re always up to speed.

Delivery and Q&A Call

You’ll get your ready-to-convert copy in 7 days. I’ll also give you detailed instructions on how to implement the copy, along with any next steps in our 30-minute Wrap-Up call. Then it’s time for you to share your copy with the world and reap those results 🥳


A VIP Week is perfect for you if…

  • You need copy FAST – but you’re not willing to sacrifice quality or conversions
  • You could probably do with an in-house copywriter, but you don’t want to hire one. Hiring me for the week seems like a great alternative
  • You want me “on your team” so we can work together long-term. (If that’s the case, you can book a VIP Week every month)

“Before I booked a VIP Week with Eman, improving our email communication was on the to-do list but it wasn’t moving forward fast. I’d attended webinars and read articles about how to write good emails, but they all relied on me doing the work and email just isn’t my speciality.

I knew Eman was the person to hire for our post-purchase sequence because her energy was great and she came highly recommended.

It felt like a leap of faith budget-wise, but what made me say “yes” is the realisation that hiring Eman would get the sequence done and it’d no longer be sitting in my “to-do” pile. And I knew Eman would do a much, much better job on it than I would.

The post-purchase sequence is yet to go live but I feel our customers will be getting so much more from us after purchase now, and I’ve got a much stronger understanding of great vs. okay (or even bad) emails!

It’s also worth mentioning that the briefing call was great and the questionnaire really helped me think about what we wanted. The video walk-through of our sequence was really useful too as we got to watch over and over as we absorbed Eman’s and rationale for elements of the new sequence.”

– Sophie Lilley, Director at Munchkin & Bear

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