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The Trailer: Welcome to Mistakes That Made Me

Episode cover for mistakes that made me with Eman Ismail

Introducing Mistakes That Made Me, the podcast that asks extraordinary business owners to share their biggest business mistakes so you know what not to do on your road to success.

Hosted by Eman Ismail, this podcast dives into painful, humiliating, make your bank account cry, kind of mistakes made by business owners who are some of the most clever, experienced, wealthiest and savvy people we know.

But we don’t just share mistakes on this podcast, we celebrate them. Because a lot of the time, our biggest business mistakes is the lesson we needed to learn the most.

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Show notes

Get a sneak peek into season 1 of the podcast!

Find out:

  • What is Mistakes That Made Me?
  • Why should you tune in?
  • Some of the game-changing mistakes that my amazing guests share throughout season 1

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