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Episode #2

Going and Growing Too Slow

Episode cover for mistakes that made me with Belinda Weaver
Have you ever had a brilliant business idea, then watched someone else take that idea and run with it because you took too long to make it happen?
My guest is Belinda Weaver, the owner of Copywrite Matters and a copy coach in the copywriting industry.
Belinda created the concept for a membership community that would scale her business…and then…she sat on it (mostly because she was juggling two young kids).
While she waited for the perfect time to launch, other copywriters jumped on the same idea, created their own membership, and grew them into successful businesses.
Going at a pace that felt slower than everyone around her made Belinda rethink her work-life balance, the speed at which she’s growing her business, and her relationship between motherhood and being a business owner.

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