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Episode #3

The Fear of Visibility

Episode cover for mistakes that made me with Jennifer Ogunyemi

Have you ever shied away from the spotlight, thinking it might help your business rather than hurt it?

Black women and visibly Muslim women have to decide how they want to show up for their businesses — all while navigating the complex expectations and stereotypes that come along with their identities.

My guest is Jennifer Ogunyemi, the founder of Sisters in Business, an organisation that’s dedicated to inspiring, connecting, and elevating Muslim women.

Jennifer is a mentor to countless Muslim women. But before her business took off, she struggled with how to show up visibly in her business.

In fact, while her business was taking off, no one knew that a black woman was behind it – which meant she missed on opportunities and the chance to get recognitionfor her hard work. Now, she encourages Muslim women to show up for themselves.

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