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Like a Boss

The 12-Week Course for Freelance Copywriters

The 12-week self-study course that takes you from order-taker freelancer to BOSS business owner ...who commands drool-worthy rates, manages clients with the confidence of a CEO, and has a business that aligns with the life you want to live

Adri Kopp

β€œComing into Like a Boss, I was making $2-3000 a month. This month, I had an $11K month – and that was with a week off! It doesn’t feel difficult to hit these numbers and the work is rolling in. It feels easy.”

β€”Adri Kopp, Freelance copywriterHELP ME GROW MY BUSINESS

Design Your VIP Day

The 2-hour online masterclass

Hate the idea of a traditional day rate? Get a behind-the-scenes walk-through of my upgraded $4,000+ VIP Week process. So you can design your own win-win high-ticket VIP Day that you AND your clients love

Elenny Frometa

“Not only did I love the masterclass, I already booked my first VIP Week πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ It’s so easy! And my client virtually fell on her knees when I said, ‘you’ll get it in 7 days!'”

β€”Elenny Frometa, Freelance copywriterDesign Your VIP Day

A Week of Workshops

X3 1-hour workshops and an Open House

Get a little taste of Like a Boss with these x3 1-hour workshops, designed to take you from order-taker freelance copywriter to BOSS business owner.

Anon copywriter

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your week of workshops. They all had gold moments. Your focus on 5* client experience and your journey so far stood out. I’ll definitely be implementing your strategies.”

β€”Anon copywriter, Freelance copywriterGet Your All Access Pass!

Borrow My Brain

The coaching call that'll help take your copywriting business from SOS to success

Get insider access to my strategies, processes, and business brain, as well as a tailored 3-step action plan so you can finally build the business you deserve.

Zamzam Hersi

β€œI booked a 30 minute session with Eman and it was the single best decision I have made for my freelancing.”

β€”Zamzam Hersi, Freelance CopywriterTAKE MY BIZ FROM SOS TO SUCCESS

The Email Rules

The FREE 35-Minute Fast-Track Email Class

Find out how to boost your conversions and sales through email today

Zoe Heard
β€”Zoe Heard, Freelance CopywriterTEACH ME THE EMAIL RULES

Nail Your Niche

The 90-Minute Masterclass

The roadmap for service-providers who want to grow their business AFTER they’ve specialised

Farrah Dafali

“I absolutely loved the Nail Your Niche training. It all makes so much sense!!!! Probably the best niche training I have ever watched.”

β€”Farrah Dafali, Freelance CopywriterI'M READY TO NAIL MY NICHE