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Looking for proof that my copy actually converts?

(That I’m a dream to work with? That I can deliver the goods? That you won’t regret deciding to work with me?)

Hear real clients share real experiences and real results from working with me

Finding a great copywriter is hard work. I mean, there are literally thousands of us to choose from and you don’t know who’s good and who’s not. You’ve had your fair share of missed-the-mark, disappears-off-the-face-of-the-earth-for-three-weeks, can’t-write-in-your-voice copywriters. And you don’t want to go back there.


This time, you’re doing your due diligence. Before you say “yes” to another copywriter, you want proof they’re The Real Deal. I’m not going to try and convince you that I am (…even though I am The Real Deal). Instead, I’m going to let some of my clients take the stage.

In the case studies below, you’ll hear real clients share real experiences and real results from working with me. And by the time you’re done, you’ll know whether or not I’m the strategist and copywriter you want in your corner.

“Since Eman helped me shift my course from live launch to evergreen, the sales page and sales emails she wrote have generated £2.5 million so far — and I’m still using them. Her copy is the gift that keeps on giving."

Here's how a ONE-time investment in sales copy has generated £2.5 million in revenue (and counting!) for business mentor, course creator, and coach Samara Michael


“Having a quarter of a million dollar (US $170,000) launch meant that for the rest of the year we were basically set. We could sit back and enjoy life and business, focus on other things, and know that this one launch had brought in enough money for the year.”

When course creators Monique Lombardo and Alisha Marfatia from Rise With Reels hired me to work on their launch, they exceeded their sales target, achieved a $170,000 launch (AUD $250,000), and freed up countless hours of their time.


“Even though we didn’t meet our sales goal, there wasn’t one point where we were disappointed in our numbers because we had so many other wins. Plus, we got 17 people in and that’s incredible. [Our goal was 30]. It’s proof that the copy works — and with everything we’ve learned from working with Eman, we’re excited to see how much better we do with our next launch and future launches.”

Scared to invest in sales copy and not meet your sales goal? That’s exactly what happened to Sam & Jo in the first launch of their course. Discover why they still believe their investment with Eman was worth every single penny.


“I’m a copywriter so outsourcing my own copy comes with a lot of baggage, but I had so much confidence in Eman.”

Here’s what happened when course creator, membership maker and podcaster Belinda Weaver hired me to write her email onboarding sequence, so she didn’t have to.

Estela-Rodriguez-Jebril Smiling

“Eman’s copy gave me a 66% conversion rate and doubled my course sales”

Here’s what happened when coach and course creator Estela Rodriguez-Jebril hired me to write her launch emails, course sales page, and opt in page.


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