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What if you could cross ‘email funnels’ off your never-ending to-do list by the end of the day?


You’re hard-working. You’re ambitious. You’re an overachiever. And you’ve got more perfectionist tendencies than Rory Gilmore

I’m all those things too – so I get it. I get why you’re unsure about hiring someone else to work on your emails – even if that person is an email conversion expert.

But we both know that not having the strategic funnels you need has cost you. It’s cost you accelerated growth, higher conversions, increased engagement and increased revenue. It might be time to ask yourself:

Have you become the bottleneck in your own business?

By letting ‘email funnels’ die a slow death on your someday to-do list, you’ve been holding yourself and your business back.

You’re still doing amazing things (cause you’re you – duh!), but you could’ve done those amazing things faster. You could’ve had an even greater impact. You could’ve let your email funnels do the heavy lifting for you, while you focused your energy on what you do best.

Writing your own emails has got you this far. But now it’s time to work with an email conversion strategist and copywriter, so you can take your business (and your impact) to the next level.

Apply to work with me (Prices start from $4997)

Rooted in science, research and data, I use my proven 4-step process to get the high-converting, revenue-boosting, relationship-building results you need. Here’s how…

Phase 1

Research and Discovery

Every project starts with an essential message-finding process so I can better understand who your reader is and what’ll help them say yes to your offer.

I’ll conduct a customer survey and/or customer interviews, interviews with you/your team, an audit of existing emails, competitor research and review mining. So we can put the right message in front of the right people at the right time.

Phase 2

Strategy and Roadmapping

Strategy is a key ingredient to creating high-converting email funnels that generate revenue and relationships on tap.

In this phase, I’ll analyse my research so I can come up with the right strategy and messaging. You’ll also get an email storyboard that outlines each email in your sequence, so you know what your sequence looks like before I even start writing.

Phase 3

Conversion Copywriting and Editing

With the help of conversion copywriting formulas, frameworks, principles and persuasive techniques, I’ll go away and write you emails that convert.

This is where I add some flavour so you get emails that ooze your brand, capture your voice and sound like they were written by you. Oh, and you’ll also get two free rounds of revisions so we can be doubly sure you walk away with copy you love.

Phase 4

Implementation and Testing

I don’t just disappear once I’ve delivered your sequence. Instead, I stick around to make sure everything’s working as it should be.

That means as you or your team implement, test and send your shiny new emails, you’ll get 2-weeks of support from me via email so I can answer any final copy questions and make sure your emails are in tip top shape to convert.

Wait - there’s more!

When you hire me, you’re protected by…

The Copywriter-Who-Gives-a-Damn-Guarantee

All my (non-VIP Day) projects* come with a guarantee, simply because I give a damn about you, your business and your success.

This guarantee means when our project is over, it’s not really over.

Once you’ve hit send on your email sequence, I’ll go back into your email service provider, analyse the stats, and work on optimising your emails to improve their performance wherever necessary.

And because I give a damn, you’ll also get…

  • Regular project updates from me so you never have to wonder if I’m holed up writing or island-hopping on a trip you paid for
  • Copy that’s delivered on time (… because whatever happened to good ol’ punctuality?)
  • A client gift when we first start working together. I appreciate my clients, and I want you to know that
  • A strategist and copywriter who believes in what you do. Truth is… I only say yes to around 20% of people that apply to work with me. And that’s because I need to believe in the people and projects I make money for.
*Excludes VIP Weeks and Email Audits

Ready to work with me? (Prices start from $4997)

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Estela-Rodriguez-Jebril Smiling

“Eman’s copy doubled my conversions and captured ME. I was so emotional reading through it because of how well she nailed my story and message!”

– Estela Rodriguez-Jebril, Coach and Course Creator at Spiral Up Connections

“When I read the first draft…I was racing to get to the end thinking: “I need to buy my own course!!” I was amazed at how persuasive the copy was and how it captured just how good my course is. I felt so so blown away by what Eman produced for me.”

– Michelle Gyimah, Negotiation Coach at Equality Pays

“Eman did an AMAZING job at capturing… EVERYTHING. I’m over the moon. This may be the first time I’ve outsourced a really important project and it came back better than expected!”

—Star Melancon, Women’s Financial Strategist

"I’m a copywriter so outsourcing my own copy comes with a lot of baggage, but I had so much confidence in Eman."

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