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Get up to 69% more orders with an abandoned cart sequence that has your subscribers racing to checkout

With a personalised, targeted (and totally non-creepy) abandoned cart sequence, you can turn potential customers into loyal Superfans and increase your revenue on auto-pilot

You’ve already got an abandoned cart email set up

And it performs okay. It brings in some extra sales — but not the number of sales you want or expect as a successful ecommerce business.

It kinda feels like you’re missing something, because abandoned cart emails are supposed to be the low-hanging fruit of email marketing – right? They’re supposed to make (dare I say it…) easy money.

You’re right to be a little confused about why your emails aren’t bringing in more revenue. Abandoned cart emails are an easy way to increase your orders and revenue – as long as you’re doing it right.

But here’s where you (and most ecommerce businesses) are going wrong…


  • You have just one abandoned cart email instead of a strategic and intentional sequence (a 3-part sequence can actually increase your orders by up to 69%)
  • Or you send out a series of emails, but they’re all exactly the same (minus the subject line you altered because some blog post or non-email copywriter told you to)

When your abandoned cart sequence actually works


You’ll go from having emails that get opened but fail to convert subscribers into customers…

…to having a strategic and personalised sequence that reminds almost-buyers what they’re missing out on, so they revisit their abandoned cart, check out, and secure their order.

Which means more people get to experience your products and rave about them to everyone they know.


When you say “yes!” to a revenue-generating abandoned cart sequence, you’ll get…

Custom Emails

A 3-part (or more) abandoned cart sequence designed to take your subscribers on a personalised journey that reminds them why they wanted to buy from you in the first place, so they head back to checkout and make their payment. Every email comes with subject lines, preview lines, calls to action, instructions for tagging, and instructions on how and when to send each email so all you have to do is plug them in and press send.

Dreamy Open Rates

My emails have a 30-40% open rate (almost double the 21% average), but I’ve also hit 82% without breaking a sweat.

Loyal Superfans

A list of subscribers-turned-customers who love and promote your products as much as you do.


Voice of Customer Interviews and/or a Survey

I’ll conduct 5-7 interviews and/or a survey of your ideal audience so we can get to the heart of your X Factor, nail your messaging, and come up with a winning strategy that convinces your ideal customers to buy.

Voice of Customer & Messaging Insights Report

This detailed report – based on my interview or survey findings – will tell you exactly what your audience says about you (and your competitors) when you’re not in the room. You can use this data to write your own high-converting copy long after working with me.

Email Storyboard and Flowchart

Before I start copywriting, you’ll get an email storyboard and flowchart that details the strategy of the sequence and the content of each email. That way, you can approve the strategy before we go full steam ahead and you can feel 100% confident about your upcoming emails.

Wait - there’s more!

When you hire me, you’re protected by…

The Copywriter-Who-Gives-a-Damn-Guarantee

All my (non-VIP Day) projects* come with a guarantee, simply because I give a damn about you, your business and your success.

This guarantee means when our project is over, it’s not really over.

Once you’ve hit send on your email sequence, I’ll go back into your email service provider, analyse the stats, and work on optimising your emails to improve their performance wherever necessary.

And because I give a damn, you’ll also get…

  • Regular project updates from me so you never have to wonder if I’m holed up writing or island-hopping on a trip you paid for
  • Copy that’s delivered on time (… because whatever happened to good ol’ punctuality?)
  • A client gift when we first start working together. I appreciate my clients, and I want you to know that
  • A strategist and copywriter who believes in what you do. Truth is… I only say yes to around 20% of people that apply to work with me. And that’s because I need to believe in the people and projects I make money for.
*Excludes VIP Days and email audits
I’m ready to work with you

If you’re hoping, praying (or maybe cursing) for a faster turnaround, I’ve got great news!


I reserve a few days each month for my VIP copywriting service: The VIP Day. When you book a VIP Day, you fly straight to the front of my 6-week waitlist and get your copy delivered in just 5 working days.


“Eman did an AMAZING job at capturing… EVERYTHING. I’m over the moon. This may be the first time I’ve outsourced a really important project and it came back better than expected!”

—Star Melancon, SHEbuildingHER

Want an abandoned cart sequence that works hard for your business?

I’m ready to work with you