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Wondering if we’re right for each other?

Intuition is everything. If you’re anything like me, that gut feeling is what you lean on to help you make decisions – and it’s usually spot on.

When something’s right for you, the hairs on your arms stand up, and your mind can’t help but race into the future and paint all the endless possibilities. But when something’s wrong for you: you. just. know.

Your intuition got you and your business this far. So now you’re deciding whether to work with me, let’s see what it’s telling you…

Time for your daily Intuition Check

If your gut is saying you’ve finally found:

  • An email conversion expert who gets relationship-building, revenue-boosting results for her clients (can ya say “66% conversion rate”?)…
  • A strategist you can trust to do the necessary deep work without taking any shortcuts. The kind who speed scribbles ideas in her Moleskine like a mad scientist and executes like a Boss…
  • An email geek who believes email is the best way to create real connection and conversation first, and fool-proof revenue second…

Your intuition has got it right (again), and it sounds like we’re a great fit. So let’s do this!

Tell me what you need so I can recommend the perfect service for you

“I want to generate more revenue, reduce churn, and increase loyalty among existing customers”

Get the nurturing sequence that turns subscribers into loyal Superfans and generates up to 320% more revenue for businesses. AKA The Welcome Sequence.

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“I want to stop losing revenue to abandoned carts”


Recover lost sales with a 3-5 part Abandoned Cart Sequence. Because sending three emails instead of one results in 69% more orders.

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“Help! I’m running out of time and I need copy – pronto”

Skip the 6-week waitlist and book a VIP Day so you can get your copy like… yesterday. That’s 8 hours of my time and 100% of my focus.

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“I want to avoid a complete rewrite. Can you help me maximise conversions using the email funnels I already have?”

For sure! With my Email Audit up your sleeve, you’ll find out how to generate more revenue and conversions from your existing email funnels.

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“Eman’s one of those copywriters whose talent and work ethic I want to keep for myself. Not only is she one of the hardest working, incredibly talented copywriters I know, but she also doesn’t miss deadlines. Work with her once and you won’t want to go to anyone else.

—Samar Owais, Emails Done Right